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5th Edition Screening

Theater Tuschinski

7-8th January 2022


About the Film Festival:

  • 5th Edition

    > Release Date: 28th March 2020

    > Notification Date: 12th November 2021

    > AWARDS Ceremony: 7-8th January 2022

    5Th Edition was expanded during the Covid-19. (Festival will show more films in the cinema during this edition) The Live Screening was postponed – JANUARY 2022


    LIVE SCREENING: Pathé Tuschinski
    Address: Reguliersbreestraat 26-34, 1017 CN Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Film Festival

    European Cinematography AWARDS (ECA) is a monthly film competition for filmmakers worldwide. We support new and student film-makers, who are just beginning their careers with a supportive and enthusiastic audience for their creative efforts and giving them access to film industry professionals who can offer guidance and other forms of career assistance.

    ECA film industry specialists announce semi-finalists, finalists and winners each month. Each year we select ONE Best Of The Best (from all categories) and the prize is the Golden Eagle Trophy.

    We only award the best independent filmmakers after a comprehensive evaluation process. Our judges evaluate the quality of filmmaking, creativity, and storytelling ability. Our mission is to promote films, and be another step up in the filmmakers’ careers.

    Winners receive laurels & certificates.

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“In a Heartbeat”

Director: Esteban Bravo and Beth David

Academy Award

Shortlisted, 2017

European Cinematography AWARDS

WINNER - Best Animation Short, March 2017

Student Academy Awards

WINNER - Best Animated Short, 2017

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Read the reviews

This is indeed a great film festival. Not only is the organization perfect, but the service is wonderful as well. We enjoyed being part of it.

Heaven Kid

 Great Festival. Great communications. It was an honor to be part of it.

James Carroll

I am so glad to be chosen by European Cinematography AWARDS. just wish I could have been at the festival!

Joakim Lund

A competition of excellence standard. I recommend it!

Christophe Karabache

Great festival! I was very happy to win Best Woman Director with my film DMUS, so thank you so much! Honoured and grateful! I'll certainly submit my new movies.

Sadie Duarte

Enjoyed submitting to this festival. Great communication and answered every question I had. Awesome being selected and it helped in a few networking events.

Mark & Anna Casadei

Guys, experience, like any experience, is the most positive! Continue on, do not be bored and I'll soon be drawing with another great movie!! Thank you for your time and attention!!!

Konopkin Yuriy

Great festival!! Thank you for showcasing my film.

Saud Jubaer

Great festival. Recommend everybody to participate !

Daria Balabai

The Awards:


Every Winner of the category will receive a  personalized certificate with an online verification.

Festival Laurels

We award the best independent filmmakers after a comprehensive evaluation process. The course is divided into several stages:

> Semi-Finalsit

> Finalist

> Winner of the Category

> Best Film of the Month (Official Selection)

> Best Film of the Year


Cinematography AWARDS officially called the “Golden Eagle” is an award in the form of a statuette for outstanding achievements in the field of cinematography.

The trophy is handed during the award ceremony of the film festival within the year:
– Director – The Best Film Of The Year
– Cinematographer – The Best Cinematographer Of The Year

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The Professional Script Writing Workshops

Submission Rules and Terms of Agreement:


The film festival works under the Cinematography Awards Foundation, an association of film festivals which highlight excellence in cinematography. It is legally established and is managed by film industry professionals.

A body supervising the foundation: The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


  1. Monthly submissions for the 4th edition of European Cinematography Awards (ECA) is open to short films, feature films and videos of any genre.
  2. All films must be presented in their original language with English subtitle.
  3. Films must have been completed after 1 January 2017. Premiere status is not required.
  4. Films submitted for consideration in the previous ECA editions are eligible for re-submission only if there are significant rework done to the films.
  5. Short film entries must not exceed a running time of 30 minutes.
  6. Student films and videos must present proper documentations from their academic institution, example: academic ID of the director/producer or a letter of recommendation from an academic adviser or institution. Any films submitted as student film without proper identification will be disqualified in the category.
  7. Student films must be submitted no later than one year after graduation.
  8. All submitted films and/or videos must pay the necessary entry fee. Student entries are eligible for discounted fees.




How long is a short/feature film?

Films under 30 minutes are considered short films & over are features.


How are the films selected for the festival?

Films submitted to the festival are reviewed by our selection team, which evaluates each film, looking for the best thematic and well-produced films.


When you accept submissions?

We are accepting submissions year round with monthly deadlines. Please read our submission guidelines carefully before submitting.


This campaign from Cinematography Awards Foundation aims to give youth a chance

to make the first step in learning the basics of taking pictures.

Build with our Foundation a Brighter Future

Join The Project

Golden Eagles – AMSTERDAM

Pathé Tuschinski Cineama

Golden Eagles – Official Selection – 5th Edition

Films selected to the Live Screening - Amsterdam 2021

Best Film of the Month has the Official Selection to Golden Eagles AWARDS and guaranteed screening in the cinema.

The rest of the films for the live screening will be selected by the jury from all the category winners within the year. We will present the full list of selected winners on a date to be announced later.





Edson da Conceicao

It comes from the Heavens<p>(Cuba)

It comes from the Heavens



Oldren Romero

The Light Thief<p>(Spain)

The Light Thief



Eva Daoud





Magnus Häll

Ashmina<p>(United Kingdom / Nepal)


(United Kingdom / Nepal)


Dekel Berenson

Miranda’s Marionettes<p>(United States)

Miranda’s Marionettes

(United States)


Hortense Lingjaerde

The Reckoning<p>(United Kingdom)

The Reckoning

(United Kingdom)


Neil Marshall





Farnoosh Abedi

The Last Chord<p>(Poland)

The Last Chord



Franciszek Siwko





Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Star Child<p>(France)

Star Child



Alex Guéry

Paris you got me<p>(Germany)

Paris you got me



Julie Boehm





Egor Tarasov & Vladimir Ivanov

The Great Artist<p>(United States)

The Great Artist

(United States)


Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

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VENUE – The Next Live Screening

Pathé Tuschinski | Amsterdam | Netherlands

European Cinematography AWARDS


7-8th JANUARY, 2022


Pathé Tuschinski, Reguliersbreestraat 26-34, 1017 CN Amsterdam, Netherlands


11:00 am

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We have submissions from nearly 100 Countries

and we are waiting to watch Your Films.

Kiss of Death
Princess Eun Hwa
The Madame in Black
Pure Madness
Light Sight
Soul of Steel
The Eve
In a Heartbeat
By Blood
My Sun And Life
The sky is blue everywhere
November 10th (Battle of Surabaya)
Rock and a Hard Place
Easter Island
Are You Volleyball?!
Budapest Inferno
A Date With Shillelagh
Last Tree Standing
The Escape

Marcel Iures – Octav (2017)

WINNER - Best Actor

Last Festival News

5Th Edition was expanded during the Covid-19. (Festival will show more films in the cinema during this edition) The Live Screening was postponed - JANUARY 2022

European Cinematography AWARDS

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This month Student & Gold Members Discount

Every month, we are proud of the festival Winners:

Selena Lee

Winner Best Actress

Xander Turian

Winner Best Horror

Ziryab Ben Brahem

Best St. Cinematographer - ``The Negative`` is the only film shot and finished in the Vistavision format since 1960's.

This is a fantastic European Film Festival where talent truly matters. I am indeed grateful and proud that my feature film “Julia 17” is a semi-finalist at this significant film festival. I am a young filmmaker and the honest appreciation for my work is what makes me very happy and it gives me the best motivation to continue working in films and to return with new projects. Many thanks to the Jury and the Festival members. This is the unforgettable beginning of my career and I am so happy that you're a part of. Wishing you “European Cinematography Awards Film Festival “ always lots of great recognition around the world. Sincerely yours, Andreea Boyer

Andreea Boyer

Thank You Andreea for warm words about our work. We are pretty happy that we can give you the motivation to continue work in films. Good Luck!

Festival Director – Peter



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